Before your First Class

What's the GRIT BXNG class like?

In a word: fun.

GRIT BXNG is aquabags, treadmills and floor exercises. We’ll push you to sweat, to grind, to work hard.

GRIT trainers are the best in the world, from all over the world, and they’ve got your back.
Our priority is YOU. We’ll coach you on form, we’ll show you the ropes, we’ll make you laugh.

Should I be worried I won’t be able to keep up?

GRIT BXNG is for everyone. Seriously. You can modify. Run faster, jog slower, walk. Begin where you’re at, but begin.

Boxing looks intimidating. How do I get over that fear?

GRIT BXNG classes begin with the fundamentals. Even Muhammed Ali started with basics. If he could’ve, he would’ve begun at GRIT.

GRIT is a judgment free zone. Trainers motivate, coach and inspire.

The room is dark. The lightshow transforms. And media screens offer demos at every point in the class.

Is boxing good for me?

Decrease stress. Relieve pent up aggression. Build confidence. Look and feel and move like a bad ass and have fun doing it.

Does that sound good for you? At GRIT BXNG the answer is always yes.

Will I get too muscular?

GRIT BXNG is more than arms. GRIT is core, lower body, back and chest.

GRIT is full body sweating and lean muscle building in all the right places.

Burn more than 700 calories in a session. Rev your metabolism, and keep burning after class.

Why boxing, weights and treadmills?

GRIT BXNG is power and strength. GRIT treadmills are speed and endurance. GRIT movement is athleticism and core.

All of it together is everything you need. A high calorie burn, a rush, a sweat, a more powerful you.

Can I workout if I’m injured or pregnant?

You do you. Modify as needed. Speak with your doctor first.

Everything can be scaled up or down. You choose.

What should I wear?

Wear kicks that you can run in. Wear clothes that you can punch in.

Dress for freedom of movement. Dress for freedom of mind.

Wear what makes you feel like a badass.

What do I need to bring to class at GRIT?

We got you. We provide water and towels and gloves and wraps. If you have your own, bring your own.

Gloves rent for $3. Wraps are yours to keep for $8.

Why do I need handwraps?

So you can punch. Hard.

Wraps protect your wrists and hands when you’re throwing shots.

Wraps look cool.

Do I need to bring my own water?

You can but there’s no need. We gotcha. We’ll keep you hydrated.

GRIT BXNG offers environmentally friendly refillable water bottles made from aluminum. No plastic waste.

Booking a Class

How do I book a class?

Create an account with just email or phone. Login.

Buy class packages and reserve your spot in class.

How early do I need to show up to class?

Those with GRIT arrive on time. We suggest 10 minutes early.

At class start time: open spaces release to the waitlist.

Five minutes into the class? No additional entry allowed.

All classes start on time, because we know you’re a badass and we know you’ve got places to be.

What if I’m late, or can’t make it to my scheduled class?

All classes start on time.

If you can’t make it, cancel by 8pm the night before to keep your credit for another day. Missed the cancelation window? You risk losing your class credit.

How do I know if I’ve gotten off the waitlist?

Those added from the waitlist are auto-enrolled and notified via text or email. Can’t make it anymore? Please let us know.

Still on the waitlist? Show up. Class spots are relinquished at the start of class. Waiting at the bar is the best way to grab a last minute spot.

Is there an age limit for the class?

We go hard and loud and sweaty. We go sexy and powerful and fun.

GRIT BXNG classes are not open to those under the age of 13.

At the Studio

Can I get a drink before class?

FREE kombucha and nitro ALL DAY LONG.

The full service liquor bar? After class only please.

We’ll make you earn it first.

Is there a place to store my belongings?

Secure lockers are available during your class and while you hang at the bar. Leave your valuables and your worries behind.

Are there showers at GRIT?

GRIT BXNG facilities include showers, complementary towels, luxury toiletries, hair dryers and a beautiful vanity for your beautiful self.
Crush your workout, hit the showers, kombucha at the bar.

I think I’ve forgotten something at the studio!

Call us. We’ll help you right away.

Do you offer food?

Fresh salads, breakfast smoothie bowls and bars.

The GRIT BXNG Grab n’ Go fridge is always stocked.

Do you do corporate events or parties?

We party all day, join us. GRIT is the new way to network. The new way to meet people. The best way to build your team. To bring your group or business to GRIT email events@gritbxng.com.