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Got Grit? Of Course you Do.
Become a GRIT TRAINER and inspire Others.

Become a GRIT Trainer and inspire others. We founded GRIT BXNG because breaking a sweat should be FUN. We do our work in a night-life inspired atmosphere with a state-of-the-art sound system, dynamic lighting and video screens, and of course, New York City's most inspirational trainers.

That's where you come in. We're currently seeking athletes, performers, and trainers who'll bring a high vibe, inspiring work ethic, passion, energy and enthusiasm to our studio and our clients. In a word... we're looking for GRIT.  

GRIT BXNG is a 50-minute workout that builds strength and confidence with powerful boxing sequences, enhances endurance and speed on the treadmills, and tones bodies and core with floor exercises.

We aim high, and we're looking for trainers who do the same. GRIT BXNG Union Square will be the first of many locations set to launch nationwide, and yeah, we need to show off here. We're seeking the best and the brightest, and we're not messing around.

It's why we're offering TO PAY YOU up to $1,000 per class.

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