After 500 auditions and countless hours of sweaty classes at our lab, GRIT picked 9 superstars from all over the world. They have been on covers of magazines, modeled for the hottest agencies, and trained the biggest celebrities. They are rockstars in the world of fitness you have to meet and get to know.

Take a workout or have a drink with them. Your life will never be the same.

Allegra Paris

Raised on a farm, riding horses in Upstate New York.
Now a NYC gal with GRIT.
Embracing the Big Apple in a big way.
An explorer who’s working as a signed fitness model.
An artist who designs and paints her own activewear.
A motivator who’ll take YOU to new heights. Mentally and physically.

Alexander Diana

An 11-sport athlete from Durban. South Africa.
A technical guru with a passion for movement and boxing.
Law student turned sport specific conditioning coach.
Rock climbs for rest and meditation.  
Wants YOU to enjoy and experience movement.

Angela Gargano

Genuine. Persistent. Warm and welcoming.
Biochemist turned gymnast and fitness maven.
Scared of the dark. Obsessed with outer space.
An American Ninja Warrior who will bring out the warrior in YOU.

Anthony Crouchelli

An ex pro soccer player turned actor with some serious GRIT.
A world traveler who’s thrown punches in South America. Europe. Africa.
Buckingham Palace and the Sahara Desert.
Now rooted in New York City, he’s bringing GRIT to YOU.

Dan Castillo

Said hell no to a steady gig in corporate America.
Pursued his fitness dreams and never looked back.
Lives the GRIT LIFE by doing what he loves, every day.
A sky-diver who’s unafraid and won’t play it safe.
Actually loves the taste of espresso.
Wants YOU to live your best life too.

Evan Betts

A small-town Midwestern boy with a big heart.
Most likely to get you singing in class.
Championship diver. Football kicker. Baseball pitcher.
Loves boxing because it’s physical and mental and spiritual.
Will make YOU love boxing too.

Jill Barger

From small-town Tennessee to NBA dancing for the Brooklyn Nets.
A boxing trainer. Always a dancer.
High energy and loads of sass.
Jill’s life is built with GRIT.
She’ll push YOU to be your best self too.

Mark Delannoy

Vegan with a passion for chocolate.
Model. Baseball player. Fitness coach. Gamer.
Dog lover.
Loves pushups and will make YOU love them too.

Max Karp

An ex-baseball player turned triathlete.
Gets his inspiration from his mama. Wears his heart on his sleeve.
His better half is a labradoodle named Dax. #Max&Dax
Peanut butter is his weakness. All-around fitness is his strength.
A no BS trainer who will push YOU. Encourage YOU. Challenge YOU.