Health & Safety


It's been 1 whole year! If you’re like me, you’ve been excited to get back into GRIT, punch the hell out of our boxing bags, feel motivated by our insane light and sound system, and work out with some of your favorite trainers. Trust me when I say, we will be back stronger than ever. But before we open our doors and get you back into the GRIT sanctuary in a couple of weeks, we developed a new set of protocols to make sure your health and safety is of the utmost priority.

We will be taking extra precautions to keep your health and safety top of mind: this includes using top-grade disinfectants on all surfaces, before and after the start of each class and thoroughly disinfecting all equipment used in classes from aqua bags to treadmills to benches. All other high touch surfaces will be disinfected thoroughly both before and after class, including lockers, front desk, handles and stairwells.

The GRIT Standard of Fitness & Safety.

Prep Work

BRAND NEW AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEM. installed in our HVAC and air filtration system. Since we've been open for a year and a half, our equipment is already state of the art and sleek! But we're taking it up a notch with 8 new iWave bi-polar ionization generators inside the air ducts that will purify the supply air while killing mold, bacteria and viruses without creating ozone or any harmful byproducts.

PLEXIGLASS. has been installed at our front desk to protect staff and clients during the speedy check-in process. You’ll still be greeted by our friendly front desk staff like usual!

DEEP CLEANING. of the entire 2-floor studio from top to bottom to ensure the cleanest and safest place for you to workout. Every inch of the locker rooms, restrooms, the studio, the stadium seating, the front desk, and the bar will be professionally cleaned before we re-open the doors. We pride ourselves in being squeaky clean!

ANTIMICROBIAL SPRAY. will then be applied for maximum protection. The entire GRIT studio will be protected with Goldshield Technologies' antimicrobial products to provide an EPA-approved and FDA-approved barrier against COVID. Goldshield is applied to a cleaned surface to form a strong, invisible bond for continuous protection from microbes, germs, and bacteria.

Before Class

ENTERING THE STUDIO. Only clients with class reservations that day and GRIT staff will be allowed to enter the GRIT studio. Unfortunately that means no drop-ins, no friends, and no guests at this time. We are limiting our capacity at 50% to meet New York State government guidelines.

BOOK YOUR SPOT. Only spots that are a safe distance apart will be bookable. Please don’t arrive more than 10 minutes before the start of class. However, for your safety and the safety of others, latecomers may be denied entrance.

CLASS CAPACITY. To comply with New York State regulations, only 27 clients will be allowed per class. We'll start each class with 9 clients on bags, 9 clients on benches and 9 clients on the treads.

CANCELLATION POLICY. With limited capacity in our studio due to government regulations, we will be strictly enforcing our cancellation policy. Because of this, we want to make sure that everyone who can come take class can. Cancel by 8:00pm the night before class. Anytime after and you will lose the credit and be charged for the class.

WATER. Our water station will be available if you bring your own water bottle. We will also be offering water bottles to purchase at check in.

AMENITIES. Hair ties, ear plugs, bobby pins will be provided upon request. Just ask the front desk.

Check In Process

MASKS AND GLOVES. Per NYS Department of Health rules, all clients will be required to wear masks inside GRIT - before, during and after class. We ask that you wear masks BEFORE entering the studio. Masks and gloves will also be worn by all GRIT front desk staff and maintenance team members.

CHECK IN. When you arrive, the front desk staff member will take your temperature, ask you to declare you're in good health, and remind you of your spot in class. If your temperature is above 100.4 degrees, you will not be permitted to take class.If you need to make a purchase of gloves, wraps or water, it will be charged to the card on file to limit swiping at check in. If you need to update your card, please contact us ahead of time.

GLOVES AND QUICK WRAPS. GRIT has designed brand new full-fingered quick wraps that cover your entire hand and fit nicely inside any boxing glove. If you’re renting gloves from GRIT (which are thoroughly sanitized and cleaned after every use), you will be able to purchase these new full-fingered wraps. Of course, you’re always welcome to bring your own personal gloves and wraps. We’ve also designed brand new sleek 14oz GRIT black boxing gloves that will be available for purchase and are yours to keep.

LOCKERS. When you check in, if you need a locker, the front desk will let you know which lockers to use. Only downstairs lockers will be available for us. We disinfect used lockers after every class, so you will never have the same locker that someone just used.

During Class

CLASS FORMAT. The workout will be similar to what you know and love at GRIT - boxing, weights, and treads. For everyone’s safety we’re making a few tweaks. To minimize transitions, the lightning round will be built in earlier so that you switch around the room only twice. Still 9 sweaty rounds of work that will kick your ass!

CLEANING BEFORE & AFTER CLASS. We believe the safety of our clients is most important. Before and after every class, our professional cleaning crew will thoroughly sanitize every treadmill, bag, and bench station.

CLASS EQUIPMENT. will only be used once per class never shared between clients. No one else will use the same workout station or equipment as you during class!

TRAINERS. GRIT's superstar team of trainers will be using their own individual headset and microphone packs so as to avoid sharing. Fist bumps and high fives are on hold for right now, but still bring that GRIT energy!

CLASS TIMES. will be slightly adjusted in order to allow for extra time for our professional cleaning crew to sanitize thoroughly. Several times per day, we will be defogging the entire workout studio with an electrostatic solution to kill germs and bacteria.

HAND SANITIZATION. stations will be set up in the studio and in the waiting area. We will also have sanitation wipes throughout the studio for you to wipe down your area both before and during class.

Post Class

ELECTROSTATIC DISINFECTANT SPRAYING. will be performed throughout the day to ensure a clean and healthy environment to workout in. Our EPA-approved electrostatic disinfecting solution has been proven to eliminate 99.9% of viruses, pathogens and bacteria, including COVID, in just 2 minutes.

SHOWERS. will be unavailable until further notice. Locker rooms and restrooms will be available. We ask that you respect social distancing protocols and adhere to limited capacity in these areas. Amenities, such as deodorants and hairdryers, in the locker room will temporarily no longer be available.

LOCKERS. If you get locked out of your locker, please wait until our front desk staff is available to help you with your locker. Our professional maintenance crew will be sanitizing used lockers before they can be used again.

RETAIL. For the time being, there will be no retail try-ons.

Aside from what we are doing to keep you as safe and possible, I want to also touch upon how we can also be responsible for the safety of others:

  1. Please practice safe social distancing. Our front desk staff will help you wait safely before class, either inside or outside. Feel free to wait outside, we will come get you when class starts.
  2. Limit person to person contact. We know how much you love supporting one another, and we don’t want you to stop doing that! Just make sure to do so from a safe distance.
  3. If you feel unwell, give us a call and we can discuss your class credit. We would prefer you stay home and get better.
  4. We spent this down time improving our state-of-the-art studio. We’ve gone the extra step to protect our clients and staff by adding a new air purification system to our HVAC system, upgrading and purchasing new cleaning equipment, installing plexiglass shields at our front desk to protect staff and clients, and installing more hand sanitizing stations throughout the entire space.

I'll say it again - YOUR health and safety is our number one priority. We want GRIT to be the safest place to workout in NYC. We are here for you, our GRIT community in every way possible. Feel free to reach out with any questions, or if you just need a little extra love from your GRIT Fam. See you soon!