Health & Safety


We will be taking extra precautions to keep your health and safety top of mind: this includes using top-grade disinfectants on all surfaces, before and after the start of each class and thoroughly disinfecting all equipment used in classes from aqua bags to treadmills to benches. All other high touch surfaces will be disinfected thoroughly both before and after class, including lockers, front desk, handles and stairwells.

The GRIT Standard of Fitness & Safety.

Prep Work

BRAND NEW AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEM. installed in our HVAC and air filtration system. Since we've been open for a year and a half, our equipment is already state of the art and sleek! But we're taking it up a notch with 8 new iWave bi-polar ionization generators inside the air ducts that will purify the supply air while killing mold, bacteria and viruses without creating ozone or any harmful byproducts.

DEEP CLEANING. of the entire 2-floor studio from top to bottom to ensure the cleanest and safest place for you to workout. Every inch of the locker rooms, restrooms, the studio, the stadium seating, the front desk, and the bar will be professionally cleaned before we re-open the doors. We pride ourselves in being squeaky clean!

ANTIMICROBIAL SPRAY. will then be applied for maximum protection. The entire GRIT studio will be protected with Goldshield Technologies' antimicrobial products to provide an EPA-approved and FDA-approved barrier against COVID. Goldshield is applied to a cleaned surface to form a strong, invisible bond for continuous protection from microbes, germs, and bacteria.

Check In Process

VACCINATION. Per NYS Department of Health rules, all clients will be required to show proof of vaccination to enter GRIT. Masks are not required.

GLOVES AND QUICK WRAPS. GRIT has designed brand new full-fingered quick wraps that cover your entire hand and fit nicely inside any boxing glove. If you’re renting gloves from GRIT (which are thoroughly sanitized and cleaned after every use), you will be able to purchase these new full-fingered wraps. Of course, you’re always welcome to bring your own personal gloves and wraps. We’ve also designed brand new sleek 14oz GRIT black boxing gloves that will be available for purchase and are yours to keep.

During Class

CLEANING BEFORE & AFTER CLASS. We believe the safety of our clients is most important. Before and after every class, our professional cleaning crew will thoroughly sanitize every treadmill, bag, and bench station.

HAND SANITIZATION. stations will be set up in the studio and in the waiting area. We will also have sanitation wipes throughout the studio for you to wipe down your area both before and during class.

Post Class

ELECTROSTATIC DISINFECTANT SPRAYING. will be performed throughout the day to ensure a clean and healthy environment to workout in. Our EPA-approved electrostatic disinfecting solution has been proven to eliminate 99.9% of viruses, pathogens and bacteria, including COVID, in just 2 minutes.

SHOWERS AND LOCKER ROOMS. are available for use.

Aside from what we are doing to keep you as safe and possible, I want to also touch upon how we can also be responsible for the safety of others:

  1. If you feel unwell, give us a call and we can discuss your class credit. We would prefer you stay home and get better.
  2. We spent this down time improving our state-of-the-art studio. We’ve gone the extra step to protect our clients and staff by adding a new air purification system to our HVAC system, upgrading and purchasing new cleaning equipment and installing more hand sanitizing stations throughout the entire space.

I'll say it again - YOUR health and safety is our number one priority. We want GRIT to be the safest place to workout in NYC. We are here for you, our GRIT community in every way possible. Feel free to reach out with any questions, or if you just need a little extra love from your GRIT Fam. See you soon!